#Auctionswork For Relocation Strategist in St. Louis Market

#Auctionswork For Relocation Strategist in St. Louis Market


When a corporate headquarters begins planning a move, it brings challenges and opportunities. Recently Julie Wilson of Relocation Strategies put together a successful move for a company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.

She worked with the planning team to implement a complete relocation strategy. Budgeting, interviewing and bidding included not only movers, but IT, carpentry, scrap, resale of furniture and a creative twist, using an Auctioneer to liquidate assets that were not relocating.

Nancy Cripe, CAGA and President of GRS Auction & Appraisal Services joined the team. Cripe a member of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) and the GRS staff worked with Wilson to identify the items for the auction and put together a plan that included two online auctions.

The actual auction process began with listing the items for auction early in December, and closing the auction with items being picked up by December 22.

Auction is a part of the "Circular Economy" creating an open market for the reuse of assets that might have gone into a landfill. Including the auction as a strategic part of a relocation strategy is a smart approach to efficient redeployment of unused assets.

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