How do I Sell Used Construction Equipment?

GRS Auctions Friends of Best Buddies Walk - May 4th

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All of our Sellers and Bidders are invited to join: GRS Auctions Friends of Best Buddies
Join GRS Auctions supporting the Best Buddies Friendship Walk!
Join us at the 2024 Best Buddies Friendship Walk, where we're shaping a more inclusive world for the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Your donation fuels lasting friendships, meaningful jobs, leadership opportunities, and vibrant communities that celebrate diversity.

Together, let's break barriers and create a society where everyone thrives — make a difference today and be part of this incredible journey toward a more inclusive future! Thank you for your support!

Hit "More" to join the GRS Team!

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Ever wonder how Generation Z, aka Gen Z, plugs into auctions?


To Gen Z bidders, an auction is perceived as a fun and exciting way to purchase goods or services, especially when it is done online or through social media platforms. Auction platforms and marketplaces have been a part of the e-commerce ecosystem their entire lives. Many Gen Z individuals see auctions as an opportunity to acquire unique or rare items and find good deals on things they are interested in.

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Auction Associates and GRS Are Raising Money for Operating SPOT SPAYghetti Event


Operation SPOT is dedicated to eliminating the unnecessary euthanasia of dogs and cats in St. Louis and surrounding areas.
This past year, OpSPOT spayed or neutered over 1,500 animals. Your gifts and support have helped OpSPOT fix over 50,000 pets since its inception.
We can continue to make a difference, with your help. Your support is essential and appreciated!

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Going once, going twice, gone! Farm auctions are moving online, that’s changing a rural tradition

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Online transactions have become a big part of the auction business. The National Auctioneers Association estimates 70% of the industry’s $3 billion in sales come from the web.

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