How do I Sell Used Construction Equipment?

National Auctioneers Association - Auctioneers Network - Helping Sellers

Hospitality auction

NAA Auctioneers network to help each other do business across the world, and Steve Rasmus or Rasmus Auctioneers and Nancy Cripe of GRS Auction & Liquidation Strategy are teamed up to help our East Coast Seller sell their surplus warehouse assets.  If you have a project anywhere in the country, reach out to your GRS  Auction & Liquidation Team to develop a plan to bring the best value for your assets.

AHA - Auctioneers Helping Auctioneers ....Helping Sellers

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A Buyer’s Guide to Real Estate Auctions

House 4

We know what you might be thinking about real estate auctions … aren’t those just foreclosures and dilapidated, distressed houses? How do I even bid on a house up for auction? What does the buying process look like? There are numerous misconceptions about why a property would be sold at auction and how you, as a buyer, can participate. Let’s try to clear some of those up.

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Howard Price Turf Manufacturing Online Auction

Howard price

Howard Price Turf is liquidating all manufacturing and machine shop equipment including Amada Pega Turret Press, Amada RG-100 Press, Chicago Steel Break, Dumor Vertical Miller, Clark and Datsun Forklifts, Howard Price 360Z, Accushear Sheet Metal Shear, other presses, punches, Miller welders, tools and compressors.

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Shortages? Waiting for equipment? Auctioneers may have an answer. | GRS Auctions & Liquidation Strat


Are you waiting for equipment that is on a slow boat from China?  With the shortages beginning to reach into our business productivity, Owners need resources.  The online auction industry is on the rise, and Auctioneers have access to companies with surplus and used equipment that might fill the gap.

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